At Last, tXtFL 1.0!

After 7 years of development, 6 major versions, 5 websites, 4 graphical interfaces, 3 compilers, and 2's 1 point 0 time! What started out as a completely command-line driven game named after the ill-fated XFL has morphed into a completely mouse-driven interface with downloadable player statistics and a game engine we're constantly honing for realism.

So what makes it 1.0? Well if we have to make one point about one point oh, it's that it's a product that's ready for showtime. It's a simulator that's easy to use, fun to play, customizable, and of course, a true football simulator at heart. It's something that you can download and play right away and when you're done, play (we hope) again and again.

And if I can make a second point about 1.0, it's that we're brimming with enough ideas for 2.0 that we need to wrap up our current product in final form. But more on that in another post.

What you'll find in 1.0 is a completely overhauled graphical interface. Yes, even Text Flex was getting a little tired of the entirely text-based interface of previous tXtFL versions, and we wanted a way to make things entirely mouse-driven. Now you can click on buttons, double-click on play tables, and even browse the Game Guide, all from within tXtFL. And when you want teams with real players, you can download their stats, all with one click.

For those of you who don't really play tXtFL but would rather run it, there's an option to run games in total automation mode. You can set it to run as many games as you like (we run it overnight on hundreds of games), with game summaries of team and player stats written to file.

So now that the football season's over, there's nothing to fear. Invite your friends over, pop open the beer, open your computer to tXtFL, and relive and remake football, in-season and out!

Download tXtFL 1.0 | See Release Notes


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