Text Trix 0.9.2 Released

This release is a bit of a blast from the past as it finally supports Java 1.4 again (see the top window in the screenshot on left). Most of the changes are under the hood to make Text Trix run more smoothly on the Mac, including Apple-style shortcuts and some bug fixes, and older systems.

Performance has been an issue ever since we included the syntax highlighter, but we found a way to recover much of the original performance simply by toning down on the highlighter updates. For instance, Text Trix now runs smoothly again on the old Dell 700m shown to the left.

Word Find is a personal favorite feature simply because I use the search-as-you-type function so much in Firefox. Small improvements include searching from where the caret currently is rather than from the start of the document, and pressing Enter (or F3 or Cmd-G) now find the next occurrence.

See here for Text Trix 0.9.2 (and release notes)


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