Welcome to Windows 7 (beta)!

With the beta release of Windows 7 and the release of tXtFL almost-1.0, we're starting some Windows 7 software testing. Windows 7 is poised to serve as the swift and modern successor to the much-maligned but very capable Vista, with a release date perhaps not that far into the next holiday season.

As the expected platform for most new desktops, laptops, and even netbooks, we're doing our best to make sure that Text Flex software is as ready for this platform as for Windows XP/Vista, MacOS X, and Linux systems.

And what better way to start testing our open source software in Windows 7 on the open source VirtualBox virtualization platform? See above for a screenshot of our first install of VirtualBox on a MacOS X install. In our inital tests, almost nothing about Windows 7 appears to be beta...and fortunately, so far the same goes for our software's compatibility. We're looking forward to further testing, and to your feedback!


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