Pre-release: tXtFL 1.0 beta2

As a playoff treat, a new tXtFL 1.0 beta build has been released. And in honor of the wild-card games today, beta2 has just that wild-card feel with almost all the features planned for the 1.0 release. The tXtFL 1.0 playoffs begin next as beta builds bow to the 1.0 release candidates.

New in beta2 are context-specific automatic Game Guide viewings, where the Guide has been split into several pages that load according to game play. Score celebrations highlight touchdowns, much like X's and turkeys highlight strikes in bowling. And for season fanatics, game summaries are now saved to file so that you can track your favorite team's wins (and losses) and pertinent player stats.

This pre-release (see here for download | changelog) will hopefully be our last build before tXtFL release candidates duke it out with the bugs ahead of the final super 1.0 bowl. Enjoy the wild-card, enjoy the playoffs, and of course, enjoy tXtFL football!


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