tXtFL Mobile 4: Franchises

tXtFL Mobile 4 hit the road just in time for the 2016-2017 football season after a lengthy beta process. The football simulator bakes in all the major changes from the tXtFL 4.0 engine and adds some enhancements in animations as well. Seriously, our favorite feature is "Watch Mode," which simply lets us watch the game in real time. It's slower than pressing "Audible" repeatedly, but perhaps the slowness lets me absorb the game more.

We've also released a few smaller updates with bigger changes to the interface. Here in tXtFL Mobile 4.0.3, the simulator goes fullscreen to maximize space, especially when playing in landscape mode.

In the scoring summary, we consolidated PATs with their TD to simplify the listing.

Rosters now show player health so that you can track players nearing injury (yellow!) and swap them out if necessary.

Behind the scenes, we're also working on late-game (and late-half) decision making so that teams are more aggressive as the clock winds down. Look for some additional improvements in that department and others in the new beta release from today!


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