tXtFL Mobile 4 Betas

Someone recently posted that we seemed to have given up on tXtFL Mobile, and I realized that we haven't been highlighting all of our beta builds! The Android app has been undergoing active development to bring all the updates from the desktop 4.0 release to our mobile app. We're now into our 4th beta and gearing up for final release.

tXtFL 4 is built around new franchises features, which allow you to build a franchise team and follow it across multiple seasons. The first part of this gamecast highlights starting a franchise "world," which you can generate for any league, including downloadable ones. Note that we've significantly sped up franchise generation since this gamecast.

One of my favorite new features is "Watch" mode, where you can literally sit back and watch a game without pressing any buttons. After tapping on "Watch," your QB will go into audible mode and call plays on the fly. If you turn on Talk-To-Speech in Settings, the play summaries will even be read to you.

The most recent betas improve play animations to highlight the new routes and coverage schemes in tXtFL 4. Previously, animations showed players running a straight line to their final destination. Now, play routes can turn corners and go out of bounds. The run after the catch is also separate from the route. The animations are still gross simplifications of the real thing, but hopefully capture the flavor of the play better.

Try out a beta and let us know your feedback!


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