tXtFL Mobile 2.3: Auto-save, digital scoreboard

As Arena Football kicks off, we've released a new tXtFL Mobile update with enhancements for alternative leagues. This update brings all of the changes from tXtFL 3.8 too.

+1 and Share Leagues

Over the past few months, a number of folk have contributed excellent new leagues downloadable from within the app. We've done a little reorganizing of the League Manager to make it easier to get new leagues and create your own teams. When you check out a league, you can also +1 it and share it with your Google+ circles.

Auto-Save Games

tXtFL has always had a save-game feature, but it was buried deep in menus and quite frankly almost impossible to access. We've reversed that so that games are saved automatically and restored when you reopen the app.

Digital Box Score

What's a box score without a digital scoreboard? We reorganized the quarter scores and added a splash of digital font to light up box score tables.

Game Summary Viewer

You can also view past game summaries right from within the team and player cards. If you tap on a game within the card, it'll bring up the full game summary file. With this new feature, we've changed one of the settings to save game summaries to file by default, but you'll need to select this setting yourself if you're updating the app to this version.

You'll also find all of the enhancements to the game engine from tXtFL 3.8. One of the major features is Home Field Advantage, which gives an added bonus to teams with particularly loud stadiums. You'll see this effect for many new leagues you download, including some new contributions--World Football League, International League, and Back Yard Football.

We've also fixed many bugs, including multiplayer connections so you can connect to random players more reliably. Playoffs have been fixed to work for a wider variety of league setups. Layouts should be better on your tablet too.

Have fun in the off-season...or the on-season for whatever league you're playing!


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