tXtFL Mobile 2.2: Roster manager, schedule display

Team management is the focus of tXtFL Mobile 2.2. You'll find the Team Manager button right on the game setup window as well as on each game play screen. It'll take you directly to a new tab, the Roster manager. There you can open up your player cards and even swap players on the depth chart.

We've also been working on performance under the hood. When you switch to the Team tab or open a player card, you'll notice that loading a long list of games won't hold up the whole window.

On the Google+ front, we've added a few new leaderboards, including Total Offense yards gained and Total Defense yards held. There's also a separate Multiplayer Highest Score leaderboard for your head-to-head games.

Previously, the only way to view the season schedule was to see the games only for the current week. Now the season window shows not only season standings, but also a separate Schedule tab with match-ups and scores.

This release also brings all the updates from the tXtFL 3.7 engine, including improved late-game decision-making. We've done some extensive modeling so that the computer (including your Audible picker) will make better decisions on whether to punt-or-play or try a field goal, particularly late in the game.

Hope you'll enjoy managing the finer points of your team! Happy Holidays!


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