tXtFL 3.7: Schedule display, late-game decisions

Our mid-season release of tXtFL is out with a new season schedule display as well as an overhaul on how late-game decisions are made.

Season Schedule Viewer

Previously, there was no real way to see schedules for future weeks (other than opening up a database editor), even though schedules were created at the start of the season. Now you can select "Schedule" from the Standings tab to view weekly match-ups and scores for completed games. Postseason games are also included after each week is set up.

Late-Game Decision-Making

The original 4th-down and field-goal-try AI was rather simplistic. It made a few assumptions about when the computer would want to "go for it" on 4th down, which was also separate from whether it might try a field goal.

The new model incorporates a much wider set of factors with new modeling features to mimic coaching decisions under a broader set of conditions. 4th-down "punt-or-play" decisions are also better weighted and integrated with field-goal decisions. We've also used some 3D-graphing techniques to help better visualize outcomes under these different scenarios to ensure that coaches are making the "right" decision (with some room for variability, of course). Here's an example of one such scenario, comparing the old model (top) with the new (bottom):

As you can see, going for it on 4th down would only happen under extreme conditions in the old model, even though coaches would probably need to be a bit bolder earlier as the clock ran down. In the new model, there's a more gradual progression where coaches are more and more likely to go for it if the clock is running out and they're down by over a field goal.

tXtFL 3.7 also contains a bunch of multiplayer fixes. We also have more fixes for timeouts and difficulty settings. Timeouts in particular get prime positioning during each play so they're not forgotten, given their strategic value in the coach's back pocket.

The new release is available as always on our launcher/updater. The changes are making their way to tXtFL Mobile as well, and you can download mobile previews by joining our community!


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