Season 2010: Week 14

Some years, the playoff mix is clear by week 5 with a few blow-out teams and many blown-up teams. This year, we're approaching the final week of fantasy football and the start of the playoffs, and many teams are still vying for the division crown. For fans, the climate couldn't be better.

Tonight we highlight one of the crucial pre-playoff games, the hunt of the Chiefs and the Chargers. Who will win? If our predictions are correct, the Chiefs will edge the Chargers, just barely. If the Chiefs can win it, 5 of 6 AFC slots will have their div victors. But I'm sure the Chargers, even though in 3rd place, are keen to stop that.

Sunday Prediction: Chiefs 20, Chargers 18
Final Score: Chiefs 0, Chargers 31
Analysis: What happened?? I guess what happened is that the Chiefs + appendectomy of their QB don't sit well together. The Chargers remain alive in the playoff hunt, keeping things as interesting as ever.


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