tXtFL 2 released

At long last, tXtFL 2 has emerged. This major update has been baking for the past year, and 3 alphas and 2 betas later, we're committing to two-point-oh. So what's in store when you download?

Complete Seasons

"It's just one game in the whole season," or coaches say whether they took a painful loss or smashed their opponent. Now that's true of tXtFL, too, as one game is but a step on the trek toward the playoffs and the vaunted tXtFL Bowl. You define how many weeks to play, and you coach your team to the title.

Many Leagues

Whether you're living in the US or Canada, whether you're playing professional or collegiate, or whether you're opting for Arena-style football, tXtFL supports them all. Each league comes with its own set of rules, including 50-yard fields in Arena football and 3 downs per cycle in the CFL.

Flexible Team Management

The underlying team and player management has been completely rewritten for tXtFL 2. You can create entire leagues, rules, teams, and players through a set of simple spreadsheets that load into a database. And rather than dealing with hundreds of files, you can control all your stats through this one master database.

More Accurate Gameplay

Many bugs have been fixed to ensure a smoother and more accurate football experience. For example, points scored in overtime or as the half or game expires are properly recorded for posterity. And networking has been fixed for helmet-to-helmet play.

Graphics Tweaks

Like color? Crucial plays and key players are highlighted in color throughout gameplay. The all-new Game Box (and expandable browser area!) gives you a tXtFL portal for following the latest news and development in tXtFL.

And of course, the finishing of tXtFL 2 really just means the beginning of development for tXtFL 3. Stay tuned!

Download tXtFL 2 | release notes


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