Season 2010: Week 7

We're nearing midway through the season, and so far the season's been chock full of upsets. Who will be upended this week in the Favre/Rodgers duel? Our simulator is telling us that Favre and the Vikings will edge the Packers, but only by a field goal.

Prediction: Vikings 22, Packers 19
UPDATE: Favre and the Vikings played as predicted. Rodgers and the Packers surprised us yet again. Final score, Vikings 24, Packers 28.
Monday Night Football prediction: The Giants will romp all over the Cowboys. Giants 31, Cowboys 11.
UPDATE: The game was higher scoring than we anticipated, with an equally unanticipated breakage of Tony Romo's clavicle. The only thing we anticipated was the winner. Final score, Giants 45, Cowboys 35.


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