Wild card sims

Wild card simulations have been posted. Ravens will take over the Patriots? Cardinals hang on to their quest for a Super Bowl victory? We're firing up our grill to find out why the scores are so high, but in the meantime, enjoy!

UPDATE: We can't believe it. An almost-comeback by the Packers, stopped just short by a defensive TD. Brady goes down at home for the first time in a playoff game. Romo holds down the ball in the clutch and brings up the Cowboys to their first playoff victory in 13 years.

Oh, and tXtFL goes 3-for-3 in predicting wild card games (we missed the first game, but you can try it if you have the team/player stats). What got us was how the high scores that the simulator was predicting didn't turn out to be that far from the truth. The Cardinals and Packers were just packing in the points and even beat our prediction of 44-32 (and Arizona survived at 51-45 for Neil Rackers to rake in a few more next time).

But just as the wild card is but the first of a long road to the title, so also we've got a lot more predictions to make. Looking forward to it!


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