Divisional round-up

While the victories this round of the playoffs were (mostly) no surprise to tXtFL, the scores definitely were. For this round of automated game simulations, we decided to add in preliminary tXtFL database (2.0.0alpha2pre) stats alongside the usual tXtFL 1.1.1 delivery. You can check them out side-by-side on the sims chart. We encountered a few bugs along the way in the pre-release, so we'll be reporting here the 1.1.1 predictions.

The simulator was spot-on for the Cardinals vs. the Saints, predicting within a field goal for the Saints and within a TD for the Cardinals, only to get it all wrong later that day in predicting that the Colts would fall to the Ravens (why?? did it do that??).

I didn't get a chance to watch the Vikings dominate the Cowboys today, but tXtFL was as surprised as I was when I got home to see the blow-out score. When I finally did get to the TV to watch the Chargers make green eggs and ham of the Jets (in spite of what tXtFL was telling me), I found myself watching a green comeback as the Jets piled onto the bus out of San Diego for next week's championship game.

Once again, tXtFL isn't doing such a shoddy job predicting the victors (3 of 4 this time, and 3 of 3 last week), but it shows clear evidence of work needed for absolute score predictions and player stats. We'll keep working on that for tXtFL 2.0.


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