Week 10 updates

We'd like to post a couple graphs comparing our simulations with real NFL Week 10 games. Both simulations were run prior to the game at 200 automated games apiece, using the newly released tXtFL 1.1.1.

Seattle vs. Arizona

Even into the 2nd quarter, Seattle appeared on top and ready to topple our predictions. But Kurt Warner knows his magic, and Arizona capped off the victory just in time for our predictions to come within a field goal for each team.

Bears vs. 49ers

With Jay Culter of the Bears throwing away 5 INTs, one would expect the Niners to capitalize for more than 10 points. Well, our predictions couldn't have all things their way, but at least the winner was predicted.

We're pleased with the predictions, but there's obviously plenty of room for improvement to our game engine. We need more rigorous testing, for starters. And we totally should have run predictions for the Pats vs. Colts upset!


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