tXtFL 1.1.1 released

If you downloaded players but found empty stats, then you're in need of tXtFL 1.1.1! This maintenance release fixes stats downloads and also corrects a number of other issues, such as program quitting even well you tell it to cancel (now it brings you back to the game), or running automated games and finding that your QB threw 1000 passes in a game (now it clears out previous games' stats).

Also, if you ever clicked to the side of an entry in the table but found that the default choice was made instead, you won't have to worry about that anymore in this release. For those of you whole import stats by spreadsheets--some fixes have been made there as well.

The only major new feature is that Game Statistics can be accessed from the interface when choosing game type. Stay on the lookout for tXtFL 2.0 updates for major new features now in the works.

Download tXtFL 1.1.1 here.


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