New Score Predictions

While we can't labor with our hands and feet on the field, the least we can do is some mental laboring on our laptops at home. Right now we're letting our CPUs crunch out game after automated game to give us a picture (we hope) of the NFL Week 7 scores.

Here's the 49ers vs. Texans predictions (the real thing awaits the middle column, with difference adjustments):

That's almost a reversal from the 3 point loss the Niners are supposed to experience, so we're putting ourselves out on the line here...

So it looks like the "official" predictions were correct in absolute value (a score difference of 3), just in the opposite direction from the final score of 24-21, Texans on top. tXtFL was 2 points shy of the Texans, and 1/3 of a point over-reaching the Niners, but predicting the correct winner.

If you've run your own predictions for other teams, let us know!


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