Java 6 SE still in the works for MacOS X

As all our software so far runs on the Java platform, it's good news to us (and hopefully to you also) that Apple continues to develop its Java 6 product. It doesn't have an immediate impact on us, as we have purposefully kept our feature set within the reach of at least Java 5 to ensure full implementation of our software features on the majority of systems out there. We've done our research and found that almost all our users--well, almost all computers connected to the web, for that matter--run Java software, so hopefully platform issues will not deter you from taking advantage of our suite of open source software.

The Mac Java announcement is timely nonetheless, as we have launched our first build of tXtFL for the Mac platform. We will continue to work on its packaging and hope to have it fully and simply installable by our 0.9.2 release, just on the horizon.

Best wishes to you all in the holiday season. Enjoy some football. Enjoy some tXtFL.


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