Text Trix 0.7.0beta2 released

Text Trix is general purpose editor that makes coding easier and more precise. Navigational tools help make large files easier to read and organize. Special plugins manipulate text according to user-defined settings.

v.0.7.0 introduces new features for visualizing text even more. Key features are Line Dance, a tool to jump between multiple lines in a given file; Group Tabs, for organizing large numbers of files; and Word Find, a quick-find tool built into the status bar.

Changes since v.0.7.0beta1 (see "todo.txt" for more details):
-Line Dance additions and fixes, including better highlighting and an Name Line button
-Search plugin fixes (see above)
-UI fixes and features, including a new Navigation toolbar section and switch to Ocean theme on all but Windows platforms
-Build enhancements, including streamlined scripts and Jar Ajar 0.3.1pre packaging for immediate launch after install

Release Notes:



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