Java 6 has been released!

Sun has released its latest incarnation of Java, our main programming platform, to Java 6 SE. Its many new features include more advanced XML and web services, scripting support, and various Swing and performance improvements.

We've been using Java 6 pre-releases for our most recent builds to test the platform and prepare for the new wave of Java-based technology. Our general policy has been to write programs for the previous major release, however, to maintain compatibility with a wider range of computer environments. We have slowly been adding features from Java 1.4 (the release prior to Java 5) for higher performance textual parsing. With the release of Java 6, we'll take aim at features from Java 5.

Java 6 may be of general benefit to your environment. Its performance enhancements and various bugfixes may be useful for older programs, and other software vendors may start advancing their products to the cutting-edge release. But if you're wary of upgrading, no problemo. We'll be updating our software...but we won't leave you behind.


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