Java Memory Leak Plugged

During our testing with the most recent builds of Text Trix, featuring group tabs, we noticed that occasionally the program didn't repaint itself. After hibernating our laptops, we would restart them only to find that Text Trix wasn't more than a few scattered tabs. When we swished out mouse over the window, a few more tabs would show up, but nothing worked. Inspection of our command window revealed, uh oh, a Memory Leak!

Fortunately, we weren't the only ones to find such a leak. A blog by a now Sun employee described the find and pointed to a bug report on the leak, which occurs anytime the computer changes screen resolution, and a workaround. And when I checked this weekend, I found that the bug report state had shifted from "in progress" to "closed, fixed." Always a nice thing to read.

Best of all, the bug has been fixed in Mustang (Java 6.0) build 94, just shipped this Aug 3rd. This fix gave us an excuse to give Text Trix a dry run on the new Mustang platform. Sure enough, the bug's been fixed. And from preliminary tests, Text Trix runs great as well.

If you're looking for a copy of Mustang for yourself, check out the latest binary snapshots here:



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