Accepting pictures and scenario submissions for Dr. Scenario

Dr. Scenario teaches health to youth through a series of scenarios. I've added new tasks asking for submissions of new pictures and scenarios. Currently we have about half the scenarios necessary for a v.1.0 release. Almost all of the pictures will need to be replaced with open-source friendly content (e.g. Creative Commons Attribution and Attribution-ShareAlike). Please consider finding appropriate images or submitting new scenarios to help teach teens how to face health-related dilemmas.

Currently all our scenario pictures were found from Google Images. That means that many of our images are not appropriate for open-source release. Our task here is to replace those images with ones licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution or Attribution-ShareAlike license.

-Creative Commons licenses:
-Open Photo:
-Flickr Creative Commons licensed works:
-You can download all the current images here:

Submit physiology related scenarios
A good deal of user feedback asked for physiology related material. E.g. "How does the heart work?" We can turn these questions into health-related scenarios. The task is to develop questions that lead to physiological answers. E.g. "You've eaten cupcakes and hotdogs all your life, and suddenly your chest and left arm start to hurt. Why?"

Submit new sex/drugs-ed related scenarios
For Dr. Scenario to be relevant to teens, the game needs to ask the tough questions that teens face at school and home. We have a few scenarios currently on smoking and condoms, but we could use a lot more. This task is ripe for the picking.


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