Beta Build: tXtFL Desktop 3.99.6

This latest tXtFL 4 beta build brings refinements to franchise features introduced in the last beta. We wanted to make sure that each franchise is really a "franchise world," where all stats, players drafted, and player status such as health and injuries remain isolated from any new franchises you create. This way, you can have multiple franchise worlds going on at once without worrying that changes in one will suddenly affect the others.

Custom play sets is a new feature that allows you to import plays that only your team can use. You can create plays in a spreadsheet, including all the new customizations included in tXtFL 4 such as routes and coverages. The new "LeagueName" and "Team" headers allow you to specify which team can use these plays, which means that you can add custom play sets for any team, including your own.

Once you've created and saved your spreadsheet, you can import it by typing the command in the tXtFL browser address bar: "txtfl://import:plays-2009ers.csv" (or however you've named your file, as long as it includes "plays" in the name).

When you play your team, you should find those plays in your arsenal. Launch them on the field to see how they fare.

Will your plays fare as well? Give them a try!

View the whole changelog and download link here.


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