Pre-release: Text Trix 0.9.5 beta 2

With all the talk of 4K (or 8K) resolution, everything is getting crisper and fresher--except my eyes. Perhaps a few years ago I would have crammed absolutely everything into a single screen that the pixels would allow, but these days I need to keep the type just a wee bit larger. Which I realized Text Trix at this point could not do.

To fix this tiny print issue, Text Trix now has a font size option in the Preferences window. You can bump up (or down, if you so choose) the size of both plain text and source code.

We also noticed a few annoying script errors popping up when opening files in Text Trix on Java 8 on Windows 10 and added some workarounds for them.

The line-number bookmark tool ("Line Dance") now also dynamically updates when you add text. No longer do you have to manually translate where you are after you make edits.

Also look out for the "run.bat" file, which allows you to use add the app as a default program to launch text or other files.

Downloads available here 


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