Jar Ajar 0.7.0: file zipper and self-extractor

Jar Ajar makes another debut after a 5-year hiatus. The focus of this release is finally to allow zipping of individual files in addition to the previous option of zipping pre-zipped archives. Now there is a separate "Files" tab for choosing as many individual files as you like.

You can still toggle the option to package pre-zipped files, which is useful for building an installer that may take an application already archived as a zip file.

A new option for building installers is for silent installs, which can be useful for automated deployment. If you want your self-extractor to unpack files without requiring any user interaction, you can simply check the box to "attempt a silent installation". The installer will attempt to unpack its files to the destination you specify in the "default install directory". You can use standard Java variables in the path, such as "user.dir" to unpack files to the user home directory.

There are a number of additional features and bug fixes included in the release, which you can peruse in the changelog and download page. Enjoy!


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