tXtFL Mobile 1.0: Revamped landscape layout

tXtFL Mobile has been out for awhile, and we felt it's high time to give it the "1.0" version mark. And what makes this release* worthy of the one point oh? Landscape mode has finally hits its prime time with a revamped layout that we think you'll find much easier to use and more fun to play. Our goal was to bring elements that you might be familiar with from online score/gamecasts, only that in this case, you can actually stick your hands into the cast and control the game itself.

And in the spirit of scorecasts, instead of screenshots we decided to capture the changes in the form of a screencast of the new landscape layout:

Beyond interface changes, tXtFL Mobile 1.0 finally adds one crucial underlying feature: penalties. We all know that penalties are more than a mere annoyance--they can actually alter the strategy of the game. Go for the deep ball not so much because you think your receiver can catch it, but also because the refs may catch his getting interfered with. It's high time that tXtFL brought penalties to the field, and they're here now.

Many more changes lurk under the hood, of which you can find the full details here. Probably the main one worth mentioning here is a new setting for difficulty levels. They default to "easiest," and as you master the game, perhaps you'll be so bold as to ramp it all the way up to "painful." You've been warned!

* Version 1.0 was released on January 30, 2013. Version 1.0.1, a bug fix release, has been posted today.


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