Beta release for Text Trix 0.9.5

I was shocked to see that a year has flown by since our last Text Trix 0.9.5 pre-release. Alpha 1 popped out of the barn last November, and since then I've been wrestling to come up with a solution for restoring the indented word-wrap feature that was lost in the migration to a new syntax highlighter. The clean, clear look of word wrapping lines all the way to the indented point has been a key feature of this editor, and I couldn't bear to part with it.
"I'm back!" The old highlighter found its place beside the new for web files to restore the indented word wrap feature where it will likely be needed most.

The workaround in this release is to restore the old syntax highlighter for HTML/XML/CSS files. This highlighter does have the downside of less-than-spiffy performance and the occasional bug, but I figured that these types of files tend to be shorter than programming files and therefore wouldn't suffer the same performance impact. There's also now a separate project ("osterttx") within the repository for modifying the venerable Ostermiller highlighter.

Line Dance, the little bookmarking tool for remembering line numbers in each file, also continues to accrue a few tweaks. In the last pre-release, the tool now updates its line positions dynamically. I've cleaned up the tool a bit for this pre-release so that double-clicking anywhere in a row will bring you to the saved line, and you can still rename bookmarks by clicking on the Rename button.

The pre-release (Text Trix 0.9.5b1) can be found here. Note that it contains a bug preventing dynamic updating of syntax highlighting in web files, which has been fixed for the next pre-release. As usual, let me know if you have any comments/suggestions!


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