Text Trix 0.9.3 released

This latest release of the Text Trix editor includes a spell checker with inline highlighting. English, German, and Spanish dictionaries are included, with the ability to add new language packs as well.

If you find yourself multi-tasking with multiple Text Trix windows, you'll find that tabs are now saved across windows. Text Trix now also notifies you if a file is updated elsewhere (e.g. via Subversion or CVS) so that you won't end up overwriting the file with old contents.

For those of you stuck with Java 1.4 (or who just prefer the good ol' days of Sun-style Java), we've now included separate "jre14" builds that run on your system. Now you can take Text Trix with you on everything from your OS/2 and Linux workstations to your Windows 7 desktop to your Mac machine. Have at it!

Download | release notes


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