Where Are the 2007 Season Stats for tXtFL?

If you've played tXtFL 0.9.1, the latest official release, you may have noticed that statistics are downloaded from the 2006 season. I'm aware of the issue...and I haven't left it that way just because the 49ers did a lot better last season. It's actually because I've been working on a new release, 0.9.2 (alpha1 released last month), which offers a new stats sensing algorithm to sense stats from another site. The advantages of the new site include automatic assignment of depth order and simplified team creation. The new version also has tons of bug fixes.

If you haven't perused our site lately, check out the new wiki on the project page. My goal is to provide more up-to-date information on developments in tXtFL.

Have a happy Thanksgiving with plentiful turkey, family...and football!

San Francisco, CA


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