Nimubs: a new Java Look & Feel

Most of our software runs on the Java platform. That's how we manage to get Text Trix, tXtFL, and other programs running on any computer that runs Java (usually at least version 1.4 or later)...Sun has done an excellent job at creating a truly cross-platform engine.

Recently a new Java upgrade known as Update N has been released as Early Access and is slated for final release in mid 2008 as part of a Java SE 6 update. Its goal is to make Java a bigger part of the desktop or "consumer" platform, including easier installation (eg on-the-fly), faster updates, and quicker start-up.

Another new features is Nimbus, a fresh Java Look & Feel (L&F), or graphical theme. I decided to test Text Trix with the early access Java release and enabled Nimbus, which I've posted as a screenshot here. I'll be continuing to test the new L&F so that Text Trix will run well on Update N, coming to a Java platform near you.


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