Preparing for the New Football Season

The new football season approaches like a blitzing safety, which means it's time for us to get tXtFL out the door. In-between time spent setting up our web design infrastructure, Ive been putting time into an old favorite, tXtFL, the "Free-D" (as in 3-D, but text...). Thanks to input from a user by the name of dethknite, I've been able to blot out quite a few quirky and annoying bugs. Several stats bugs have also been sacked, with the goal of more accurately predicting the Bowl score than we did last year.

My most recent effort has been to update the stats sensing algorithm to sense stats from a site called Fantasy Football Today. Stat "sensing" borrows from the idea implemented in the now-famous open-source bibliographic tool by the name of Zotero. Zotero is a Firefox extension that can "sense" data from websites for the purpose of archiving journal articles, newspaper references, and a whole slew of other pages. It's quite nifty, and I thought, if it's used for Science, Nature, and Cell, why shouldn't we use it for Football?

The new sensing system will be updated to the latest, 2007 season stats. It simplifies the player loading process slightly and may also allow us to download stats such as depth order to make team creation easier and better structured.

Here's to another season!


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