tXtFL 0.9.1beta1 released

tXtFL, the teXt Football League, is a strategy-based football simulator. This release features a graphical interface for drafting new players and creating teams. Players include customizable human playing skills, such as "hands" or "feet," that influence play probabilities. Teams can assign "coaching points" to simulate training emphasis. The game model has also been tweaked for greater realism in passing and kicking plays, and many statistics bugs have been fixed.

New features include:
-Download players and teams into tXtFL Draft
-Draft has a new graphical interface
-Customizable player skill values
-"Coaching Points" to simulate training emphasis
-Improved AI to incorporate human skills/training values
-More realistic time scale, passing plays, and runs after kicks/punts
-Fixed numerous errors in player statistics records
-Simplified defensive plays
-Compilations improvements and graphics library update
-Installer modernization

Note that the player and team spec formats have changed, meaning that all players and teams will have to be created afresh. The tXtFL Draft utility should help make that task easier.

Download here


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