Checking in...on Text Trix

A few of the latest updates to Text Trix:

* Group tabs: The Text Trix group. The Dr. Scenario group. The Sonrise group. Each tab group has its own set of tabs, such as the main Text Trix Java files I'm editing, or the Sonrise webpages. I found it hard to sift through 15-30 tabs, sometimes with the same name (eg "index.html" for every website). Now each group can have its individual set of associated files.

* Word Find: v.0.5.0 introduced Line Find, a permanent little box where you can type in any line number, and it'll take you there immediately. Now we have Word Find, which is just like find-as-you-type in Firefox, except that, of course, you don't want to type the words you're trying to find, so we again have a special box where you can do that.

* Song Sheet: Song Sheet is a little plugin for transposing chord-based music. While transposing "Foreverandever Etc.," a song by David Crowder Band, I realized that flats ("b") aren't counted as chords in this plugin. Shame on it! So now it does, and now I'm happy.

* Duplicate tabs: This one's still in progress. So many times while editing, I wish that I could have the same file opened simultaneously so that I could keep them scrolled to different points in the file. That becomes important when editing, say, a 4000 line file. Before, Text Trix opened multiple files, but as separate files, which could get confusing if you edited one but later switched to another, older copy. Opening the same file in multiple tabs and keeping them synchronized is the goal, and the first step toward that goal is a newly introduced mechanism that checks and warns when opening or saving over a currently opened file.

These changes can be found in the latest CVS version. They will be included in the next release of Text Trix.


  1. The Duplicate Tabs feature has been superseded by Line Dance! See this blog entry for more details.


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