Website redesign: beta release

Text Flex is undergoing a major facelift., first released in its current form a little over two years ago on April Fools' Day of 2004, has been longing for a new layout and streamlined content. A glimpse of the next incarnation can be reached at our BetaZone,

The central goals of the company website is to clearly define what we do and how we're doing it. The new website maintains the old one's overall organization but seeks to bring more content to the homepage. Upon entrance people immediately find descriptions of the three major software projects of Text Flex in addition to news directly from our blog. With their curiosity piqued, people will find a redesigned side-bar menu layout to navigate throughout the site or directly to the individual software sites.

The product browser column replaces the old News section, which merely duplicated the efforts of the newer blog feed. The menu bar on the side conforms to more familiar website layouts, while the drop-down menu bar system on the top allows for a consistent set of links back to the Text Flex company pages even from within individual software pages.

Check out our beta release of the homepage (note: no other pages or links are in place!), and let us know your thoughts. Feel free to post a comment right here or email me.


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