Text Trix Update: Extra Returns Remover

The Extra Returns Remover tool was one of the first impetuses to create Text Trix. The tool started out as a simple way to counter emails that had an extra line break at the end of each line to fit the message into a smaller width. Now the tool has expanded to a graphically-controlled plug-in that can distinguish between numbered or outlined lists to preserve wanted line breaks, removes ">>" at the start of replies, and marks the boundaries of email quoted reply, "original message," areas.

A look at the new GUI. Posted by Hello

Every email has its own format, and every user has his or her own experience. We're trying to add new features to cover even those more personalized needs. Just for extra customization, you can type a minimum line length to preserve line breaks in a letter signature, for example. As with other Text Trix plug-ins, you can also highlight an area and choose to only modify that region.

Check out a sample run:

A sample (complex) message, taken from java Digest 13 Feb 2005 01:10:38 -0000 Issue 1691. Posted by Hello

The goal is to remove line breaks while keeping the header as-is, replacing the reply line markers (">>") with a single pair of region markers, and preserving the list and signature. Posted by Hello

After removing the line breaks. Posted by Hello

Have fun with the updated plug-in! Let us know how it can meet your needs even better.


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