Getting interested in a game that has nothing to do with you

Don't live in New England or Philadelphia? Bored with the Patriots dominating the spotlight for a third year, or dissapointed with the 49ers for releasing Terrell Owens to a now-Super-Bowl team? Don't fret, because there are always ways to get interested in a football game, even if it has everything to do with everyone but you.

One of the easiest ways to get interested in a game that has nothing to do with you is to find the ways in which it does. Take a San Francisco fan and the New England Patriots. Nothing seems to be farther than SF and NE, but the connection is subtle: Patriots' QB Tom Brady played football for Serra High School in San Mateo, a suburb of SF. See, we're connected, right?

Another way to become a part of what you're not is, of course, to go for the ol' underdog trick. "I always root for the underdog," they always say, which almost inevitably gives you a team to root for no matter the game. It was especially easy if you were a 49er fan this past season.

Finally, one way is to be a fan of players rather than just of teams. If you were a fan of Jerry Rice, for example, it might have been natural to root for the Raiders a couple Super Bowls back. And if you were also a fan of Tom Brady, you could have rooted for both the Tom Brady's Patriots and Jerry Rice, if not Rice's Raiders (any loyal 49er fan knows the dilemma), and come out a winner no matter what.

So why not create a tXtFL team with all your favorite players? Throw in a couple Patriots or Eagles players just to keep things interesting and make the Super Bowl relevant to you.


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